Deodorize Naturally

Our 100% plant-based mists cleanse and refresh everything they touch by
harnessing the naturally antibacterial properties of essential oils.

Our full range of mists are powered ONLY BY PLANTS - zero chemicals, zero perfumes. An air-quality phenomenon we know you will fall in-love with.

Lavender, Citrus, Berry, Mint, and Pine Forrest.   

They smell heavenly!
Beautiful, light and crisp, with no lingering scent or heavy perfumes.

Why deodorize with chemicals, when you can deodorize everything naturally?

Stinky socks & shoes, stinky arm-pits, stinky yoga gear and bras, stinky garbage cans, kitchen counters, curtains, pillows, and stinky rooms.

Bye, bye chemicals - Hello Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists! 


Feel Fresh On-the-go

How convenient are these?

Choose the scent that brings you joy!

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We believe in clean air

Plants clean our air. A job they have been doing since the beginning of time.

They are also nature's oldest healers, to be sure.

What would we do without plants?

Dr. Ward's All-Natural mists are crafted with pure premium plant oils lightly diffused in
water - the perfect balance to infuse the natural goodness that plants give our
bodies and the air that we breathe !


The Good Doctor

Our team is woman owned and operated, with Dr. Ward putting the personal touch on every bottle in our workshop in Kitchener, Ontario!

Made in Canada, eh!

Meet Dr. Ward
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  • Made in Canada, eh!

    Made in Kitchener, Canada, Dr. Ward's are hand-made in small batches.

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